After some terrible weather and a week’s delay, we finally had our Junior Cross Country and HAL Afternoon on Friday. After lunch, we all headed out to the astroturf ready for our races. The year 3s started us off by running the 1 km loop around the school. Then the year 2s and 1s followed behind. Finally, we cheered on our new entrances from Aotahi who ran a slightly shorter loop. We had so much fun celebrating when everyone came over the finish line!

After the races were completed, we got to go and take part in the different HAL activities around the school! There was an inflatable, capture the flag, Go Noodle, picnic games, gymnastics, football, basketball and playing on Hikihiki.

We finished the day altogether with our annual tug-of-war competition! Thank you to all the friends and whānau who came down to support us and to the tuākana who ran alongside us!

8 thoughts on “Junior Cross Country and HAL Afternoon

  1. Hi I’m Zita
    I bet you were all very brave to run the cross country.
    I remember when I did the cross country on Friday and it was raining.
    Next time I bet you could do even better than this time.
    Kai pai to mahi( good job on your work)

  2. Hi I really like that you all gave it a go.

    It reminds me of my cross country we did. Maybe next year you will all do a lot better.

  3. Hi Papatuanuku, I’m Eliza,
    This looks epic and so much fun.
    It reminds me of when I was little doing cross country .
    Maybe when you guys are Y5 you could get into zones!
    Much care from Eliza in Tawhirimatea.

  4. Hello Delanie here from TWM
    I love how you people ran the cross country. i would think you people could run even faster next year.
    It reminds me of the day when i did cross country .
    Ka Pai Hoki Koe [good on you!]

  5. Hi i’m Brenyn I saw you at the cross country. I remember when i did my cross country when it was raining.
    I hope you do better next time.

  6. Hi Papatūānuku I am Will from Tawhirimatea. I hope that you ran your fastest! It reminds me of when I did Year 6 cross country.
    Kara whiua (give it heaps).

  7. Nice that everyone participated. It reminds me of when I did cross country. Next time I think everyone could get into zones when everyone is year 5. wananei!

  8. Hello Papatūānuku good job on your cross country, You did so good out there, Next time keep on pacing yourself till the end.You did so good out there, KARAWHIUA

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